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Homecoming 2014

Written by: Aubrey Nelson

Homecoming of 2014 was a success! The dance was held at Payson High School on September 6, 2014. The dance began at 7:00pm, but the party didn’t start until around 8:00pm. Everyone wants to be “fashionably late” for Homecoming. The Homecoming queen and king for 2014 were Raquel Williams, and John Harmon. The prince and princess were Brady Barker and Camri Jensen, and duke and duchess were Peyton Osborn and Grace Wilson.

Advisory Period

Written by : Briana Ortega

Payson High is proud to announce that the school will be implementing a new tool for the success of its students: an advisory period. This new addition is geared to helping students and teachers work together for academic achievement. Advisory period will be held Mondays from 9:15-9:35 A.M. During this time the advisor will check up on the students’ attendance and performance in school. The advisor will cheer his or her students on to greater and greater success. The advisor will also be responsible to notify administrators or the counselors if a need arises.

HOPE Squad

Written by Briana Ortega

 “Protect the Pride” is Payson High’s HOPE Squad’s theme. The members of the HOPE Squad want to reach out and be your friend. It isn’t enough for most people to feel cared for and safe at school; the members of HOPE Squad want everyone to feel that way. HOPE Squad is dedicated to trying to make Payson High a better place for all who attend. Many members of HOPE Squad have expressed that they want Payson High to be a place where everyone has and is a friend. That is why the HOPE Squad is here: to bring hope to those individuals who feel there is none left.