Is the 5 second rule justified?

Ben Phillips

The five second rule: almost everyone has used this rule to avoid the fact that their food is dirty after they have dropped it. The five second rule shouldn’t be applied to a fallen snack because five seconds is way too long for food to remain in contact with the floor. Shoes are contaminated with bacteria, and people walk all over leaving trails of those bacteria. If the food were to be consumed, the pH of saliva and stomach acids would not be able to fight against the contaminated foods. The five second rule is just a fabled trick for people to save their food.

What's 'Gowan' On in Mrs. Gowan's Classroom

Pictures and article by Sabryne Kelly

Mrs. Gowans is not only a teacher here at Payson High, she’s also a mother to one of our very own students, Zac. This gives her another insight on how teenagers think and feel. Not only does she teach Biology, Psychology, and is in charge of Student Council, she’s also one of the favorite teachers here at PHS! The question you might now be thinking is, why is she a student favorite? Mrs.