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PHS Broadcast Journalism Class

This month's edition of The Mane Street Journal is a special one, for two reasons. First, this month's magazine is purely video content, and second, this is the last online edition of the magazine this school year. There will however be a print edition that will come out later this month comprised of all articles. Remember, as always, this edition is completely student produced and generated. If you are a student interested in participating in the creation of next year's magazine, talk to your counselor and get signed up to take Broadcast Journalism.

First Annual Trivia Tournament

Picture and Article By: Sabryne Kelly

 On Monday May 16th - Friday May 20th Payson High will have their first Annual Trivia Tournament! The topics could be anything but the challenge and the competition is real. Each round will last around 20 minutes and will be put on the Pride. There will be 2-3 rounds played per class period on Monday-Thursday. The last two teams will compete against each other Friday night just before the Stomp at our Senior All Nighter.

Is it time to give baseball fans more protection?

Haley Dixon

On the front of every major/minor league baseball ticket fans can find their section, row, and seat number. But the message on the back of the baseball ticket may be more important. The back of a baseball ticket warns about the risks and dangers fans may encounter if their seat happens to be unprotected from the field by protective netting. Balls and bats may enter the spectator seating at any time during a baseball game and injure fans. Within the last few years more and more fans have been injured at baseball games.

Call of Duty: Modern Life Fare

Ben Phillips

Since the release of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops III, gamers and students alike have spent countless hours and paychecks on this franchise’s modern sequel. And as of Tuesday, April 20, the second DLC (Downloadable Content) has been released, with two more to go for this Call of Duty season. Chances are, if you haven’t played, or currently don’t own this game, you probably don’t care at all. As for those associated with this FPS legacy, surely the hype for each DLC has been personally astounding.