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School Realignment: How it will effect Payson High School

By: Annika Spencer

The UHSAA has changed the sports boundaries for all the schools in the state of Utah. This change affects almost every school, and every sport.

But how does this change affect Payson High School exactly? We are again facing off against Spanish Fork, Salem, and Springville, who are our three biggest rivals. According to Coach Chapman, our school is back where it belongs. We are home. The biggest reason why Payson coaches and administration are excited is because it means less travel for our sports teams, and the rivalry games are back. 

Should we be stressed about SAGE? Check out our article:

Written by: Karanda Heimuli

Whenever any high school student hears the words “SAGE test,” all of our hearts skip a beat. The Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence, or SAGE test, is the new form of statewide testing for high school students. Last year was the first year of SAGE test administration, with tests given in the categories of Science, Mathematics, and English Language Arts.

Read the latest from The Hope Squad: Hold On. Persuade. Empower.

By: Briana Ortega

The HOPE Squad sends you their love! We want you to know that the HOPE Squad is ready and eager to help you with whatever you need. We aren’t just random students who wear matching T-shirts. We are your friends. The HOPE Squad does care that you exist and we see how much the world needs of your influence. We want you to share your light with the world and if we can help you in anyway, we will! Hold on. Persuade. Empower. That is the message the HOPE Squad sends to each and every one of you.


Check out Payson High's Season of Giving

By: Briana Ortega

The Christmas season is a time of giving. It is a time to forget about what we want and focus on how to help those around us. The true Spirit of Christmas is found in giving what we have to those in need. Payson High knows this truth well, which is why Payson High’s Student Council and Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) have stepped up to raise money for families in need. All the money collected, every last penny, will go toward giving Christmas to families of students who attend Payson High, or families in the community.