Athletic Director
Brian Argyle 
Head Coaches
Baseball Trent Syme
Boys Basketball Dan Lunt
Boys Soccer (website) Eric Aroca
Boys Tennis Karen Thomas
Cheerleaders Janean Thomas
Boys Cross Country Stan Peck
Girls Cross Country Dave Rockwood
Drill Team Ashley Hendrickson
Football Jeremy Chapman
Girls Basketball Amy Fox
Girls Soccer Andrew Wright
Girls Tennis Karen Thomas
Golf Marilyn Miller
Softball Brent Shurtliff
Swimming Jilyan Bulkley
Track Dave Rockwood
Volleyball Kaylee Eliason
Wrestling Jeb Clark

The "We Will" Sportmanship Pledge

We Will...

Play fair and by the rules
Represent our school with integrity

We Will...

Treat our opponents with the dignity that they've earned and respect coaches and officials

We Will...

Value our opportunity to compete and thank those who support us

We Will...

Always do our best to achieve what we can achieve individually and more importantly as a team

And when the game is over..

We will shake hands - win or lose

It's the right thing to do