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Renting PHS Facilities

Renting our PHS Facilities

The Payson High School facilities and campus are not only a public institute of learning, they are also a community resource. Many groups, both school sponsored groups and outside groups, utilize our first-class facilities for various activities. Priority for reserving/renting school venues is as follows:

  1. PHS school sponsored events

  2. Other Nebo School District events

  3. City and Community Rec events

  4. All other outside groups

In order to facilitate the orderly prioritization of reserving and/or renting an area of our school, we have created several reservation windows for various kinds of groups. 

  • Up to Sept 1 → Scheduling open for School and District events only

  • Sept 1 → Scheduling opens for City and Community Rec events 

  • Sept 15 → Scheduling opens for all other outside groups events 

*Note: Sometimes Payson High events need to be re-scheduled. In these cases PHS events always take precedence over others. This means that other pre-scheduled events by outside groups may need to be bumped or moved. We do our very best to accommodate all, but some flexibility may be required on the renter’s part if this happens. Remember, PHS events take priority.

The rental fee varies depending on two factors: 1) which facility you rent, and 2) what category of group you are. For example, the same venue will cost a different amount if you are a governmental organization, a patriotic society (like the Boy Scouts), a charitable or religious organization, or a for-profit business. The Nebo School District policy divides the different kinds of groups into what we call “Classes,” from a Class I to a Class VIII. For a full description of these various categories as well as the rental fee schedule (amount to be charged) for each venue and for each category, see the following link:

Link to District Policy and Rental Fee Schedule

If you are an outside group interested in renting one of our venues, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the rental application linked below.

Link to Rental Application 

  1. Contact either the PHS secretary or Assistant Principal over facility rentals to get approval and schedule your event on our reservation calendar.

PHS Phone: 801-465-6025

Head Secretary: Mrs. Davis

Assistant Principal: Dr. Rockwood 

  1. Submit your rental application (link above) to the PHS secretary or Assistant Principal above.The application must be submitted at least two weeks before the event.

  2. Finalize your rental by signing the Rental Agreement that will be provided to you upon approval.

  3. If you are deemed to be in Class II through VII, we normally don't require, but do highly recommend, that you obtain liability insurance to protect yourself. In some cases, the school may require you to provide proof of insurance.

  4. If you are deemed to be in Class VIII (“Market Use”), then you are required to obtain insurance. You will provide the school with a copy of your Certificate of Insurance that meets the requirements listed in the policy linked above.

  5. Pay your rental amount to the school finance office. If paying by check, make the check payable to “Payson High School.”

  6. If you are renting the Auditorium, then you must also fill out the questionnaire below to identify what your tech crew needs are (light crew, audio, etc.). Or you may contact Mr. Rock White directly to arrange your tech crew needs. This allows us to schedule the correct personnel for your event. You must confirm your tech crew needs at least one week prior to your event

Link to Auditorium / Tech Needs Questionnaire

Mr. White 

801-465-6025 ext. 1531

  1. At full capacity, the Auditorium seats 1,018 audience members. (Pandemic resitrictions may reduce the allowed number of attendees/) To see a seating map of the PHS Auditorium, clikc HERE.


  1. If you are renting the Cafeteria AND you plan to cook food in the Kitchen area (using the stoves, ovens, warmers, etc.), then you must have a Nebo Food Services employee (i.e. “lunch lady”) present and pay their hourly rate. You need to arrange this with our food services department head (contact info below) at least one week prior to your event. If you will not be using the kitchen to cook, then you do not need this step.

Food Services: Margie Phillips 

801-465-6025 ext. 1485

  1. If you are renting the Cafeteria and/or the Kitchen, read and be familiar with the guidelines contained in the checklist linked below 

Checklist for those renting the Cafeteria and/or the Kitchen  

  1. You must complete all steps at least one week prior to your event.