Lead By Example

By: Wyatt Sorensen of The Lions Roar Newspaper

At the beginning of this year's football season at Payson High School, Harrison Judd, team captain, and his fellow teammates decided that every Saturday morning after practice, they would support the Payson youth football teams by watching their games. The high school team would compliment the kids as they played and would encourage them from the sidelines. Hopefully, these young kids noticed that the high school football team was watching their games and worked to impress them by playing better and harder.


Fall Edition of the Mane Street Journal


Another year and another set of students in the Broadcast Journalism class. This year there are more students than ever before, which means more stories about the school to be shared.  Take a moment and read the articles and watch the videos to see these great student produced stories.  As a reminder, everything in the magazine is student chosen, created, and edited.  These student are responsible for every step of the process, and they do a great job. 

Read it here! 


Halloween Concert Anticipations

By Orrin Hapairai of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

The Students of the Payson High School Orchestras have some amazing songs to perform for their upcoming Halloween Concert on Oct. 23, 2018! Gentry Stickney, the orchestra director of all the orchestra groups, said, “We are playing a great mixture of classical pieces, songs from movies, and original works for this concert. For the Halloween concert, I try to keep a spooky and quirky theme going throughout the evening.”

Boys Golf celebrates memories made at state tournament

By: Sadie Lloyd and Jaycee Zimmerman

Six athletes from Payson High qualified for the Utah High School Boys Golf Tournment, which is the most to qualify in years. Tag Davis, Cameron Stone, Brennan Jensen, Zac Nielson, Brock Ramos and Dallin Benson each made it to the tournament after a great season of play. “I think it’s a pretty great thing to be a part of, to represent the school in that way,” said Jensen.