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Blurred Lines: what’s cheating and what’s not

By: Karanda Heimuli

In a time when students have Google, Spark Notes, Wikipedia, and a handful of other search engines, doing homework has become easier than ever!  With colleges and scholarship committees jarring up their acceptance qualifications higher and higher every minute, how can students be expected to have a 4.0 GPA, a 36 on the ACT, work a full time job, do community service, and have time to do homework?

Billion Dollar Bracket

By Brody Ward

Who doesn’t love money? Everybody wants to be rich. Money is the one thing in this life that can buy food, freedom, land, love, and everything else that’s good in this life. But money doesn’t just get handed to people. People have to work for money, and most of the time that work is tedious and/or hard. But once a year, there is a chance to hit the jackpot with zero risk-The NCAA basketball tournament. If a bracket is filled out 100% correctly, (guess every game right) you have a chance to win the billion dollars.

Where did the Shamrock come from?

by: Jessica Potter

Not many of us know where the shamrock really came from. Most of us know it is the big symbol for St. Patrick’s Day, and we see it everywhere we go in the month of March. It has been long forgotten by the public where the four leaf clover legend originated from.