February's Online Magazine is one you won't want to miss!


This months online magazine is now live. It has articles and videos about the Paysetters, cheer team, sports highlights, winter guard, getting ready to be a student abroad, and many more. To make things even more exciting, PHTV most viewed Youtube video ever, Putting an end to girl-on-girl hate at PHS. This video was published on Youtube less than a week ago and has over 1,000 views so far. It is spreading through social media and has a message to change jealous into admiration.

Whatcha Wearin'?

Photo and Article By Sabryne Kelly

Remember when your parents make you look back at their high school pictures and all the trending clothes and hair... oh that hair, then they tell you that leg warmers were once cool? What’s cool now? One of the style trends today are Jesus Sandals, as they’ve come to be called, they’re usually worn with long socks and shorts but are they the ‘big hair’ of our era? They’re worn by both girls and boys and are popular for people who play sports.

Math Bearable?

By Annika Spencer

Math is a subject that most of us dread. We moan, groan, and complain that we are probably never going to use this at all in our lives. Ms. Stanton is one of the five math teachers here at PHS. She teaches math two honors and math three, so sophomores and juniors. With the recent math grant, Ms. Stanton is able to provide calculators to her class that stay in the classroom. When you walk into her classroom you can see all sorts of posters and sayings hanging on the wall. You can easily walk into the room and know by the labelings on the drawers where to find a certain item. Ms.