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Oct 24-28

Red ribbon week

Oct 25

Red ribbon assembly-schedule #6

Volleyball @ Maple Mountain

Oct 26

Extended lunch schedule

Band concert

Oct 27

Volleyball Springville @ Payson

Orchestra concert

Oct 28

Students Bike 22 miles for Life Activities Class

By Ben Phillips of The Lion's Roar Newspaper

Mrs. Miller’s Individualized Life Activities classes were given the opportunity to ride bikes for 22 miles as a biannual activity on October 12 and 14. Her half-year classes participate on this mechanical journey either in the fall or spring, with preparation prior to the event.

October Online Magazine: 100% student made

The Mane Street Journal

With a new school year starting at PHS, new is the theme for the first edition of The Mane Street Journal. We have features on the new english teachers, new orchestra director, a look into how things are going for the new football coach, as well as an introduction to the new magazine staff. With everything in the magazine being 100% student created and directed, it has been a new experience for everyone involved. Take a look at ​