12 PHS Students Participate in Close Up Progam

By Sam Critchfield
Close Up.jpg


             12 Payson High students along with Mr. Alexander attended the Close Up program in Washington D.C. on November 14 thru November 21. In DC students learned how to use the Metrorail system, to approach a governmental problem, and even met senators and a representative from the great state of Utah.
The participants visited many of memorials and museums, The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Holocaust museum to name a few, and visited the White House, the Capital Building, and even Georgetown.
Perhaps the most important activity of the entire program, were the workshops that the students attended. Students from Payson grouped with students from all over the country to discuss topics such as, the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and government foreign policies.
                Being a member of the group that attended I was as well as others from Payson forced out of our comfort zone. On the very first day you and one other form our school were paired with two others from a different state, which in the beginning seemed like a terrible idea but turned out to be a great way to make new friends. We were also separated into workshops, which would be our new group for the entire trip. The only day we were with our school and state members was on Capital day when we were able to meet Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Senators Bennett and Hatch.
                The students that attended Close grew a lot on this trip. We also learned a lot about how government works and have things are accomplished outside of our own state, and how the government works on a National Level. It’s a trip of a life time, and all of the students that attended would recommend it to everyone in the future. The students that attended this year are Carolle Abraham, Kaitlyn Alexander, Erica Fuhriman, Katelyn Rowley, Paige Rowley, Sam Critchfield, Mitch Jensen, Caleb Larson, Tucker Bing, Wyatt Thomas, Derik McCausland, Chris Steward, and they were accompanied by Mr. Alexander.