November 2010

Payson Debate Team Attends Tournament at Salem Hills

By Marvin Eberard

Our debate team competed in the Salem Hills Speech and Debate Tournament November 19 and 20. They debators took part in SPAR, Oratory Debate, and in the speech competitions: Improvmptu, National Extem, Dramatic Interpretation and Humorous Interpretation.

"It was my very first debate tournament. I liked preparing for it and got used to debating. I thik we did well for our first tournament," said Ivan Gallegos, a member of the debate team.

Payson High School Close-Up Club Visits Washington DC

By Ben Spencer

On October 31 ninePayson High students along with Mr. Alexander attended the Close Up program in Washington D.C. In DC students learned how to use the Metro system, to approach a governmental problem, and even met with a representative Chaffetz staff from the great state of Utah.

The participants visited many of memorials and museums, The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and the Holocaust Museum to name a few. We also got to visit the White House, the Capital Building, and Williamsburg.

Utah Child Protection Registry

If you are not familiar with the Utah Child Protection Registry, it is a free program that is offered to parents, and it allows them to register their family and children’s email addresses, mobile phone numbers, instant messenger IDs, and fax numbers to then restrict adult-oriented solicitations such as tobacco, pornography, and/or gambling from being sent to their inboxes.

Here is a direct link for the Registry,