October 2013

Lawyer Addresses PHS Students About Costs of Teen Pregnancy

By Krystal K. Baker

Over 40 percent of babies born in the United States each year are born to unwed mothers, and although data reported by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, reports that Utah has the 8th  lowest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, these statistics do not mean Utahans can afford to ignore the growing teen pregnancy problem in the youth population.

On Tuesday Oct. 19 Payson High School’s Latinos in Action group brought in Utah County Attorney Scott Card to address Payson teens about “The Legal Consequences of Teen Pregnancy.”

New Teacher Ms. Garff

Erika Gee

 By Erika Gee

  Ms. Garff, the new chemistry teacher at PHS, is one of the most interesting teachers that you will ever meet. Not only does she have a crush on the Amazing Spider Man, but she also plays the penny whistle, and enjoys playing Super Smash Bros.


PHS Choirs 2013-2014

Article by: Cherilyn Elder Photo by: Michelle Fitzwater

By Cherilyn Elder

If you’ve never been in a choir, you’re probably wondering what in the world goes on in that class.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s the best class you could ever take.  Choir is not a normal class setting.  Mrs. Morgan, the choir director, is an amazing teacher who makes everyone feel comfortable.  Everyone is friends with everyone.  We sing and just have a good time. 

PHS Cheer

Landon Penrod

By Landon Penrod

You probably aren’t the only one who have noticed the cheerleaders this year.  They are a beautiful and talented this year, like always.  Here is the inside scoop—things you many have not known or imagined that the seniors cheerleaders do.

Anna Fordiani:

“Well, Anna is in my stunt group and I kinda hit her in the face a lot.” Milena Farias

“I didn’t know that blue cheese was rotten and she still thinks that I am dumb.” Addie Ford

Garrett's Story

Jamie Finch

By Jamie Finch

Cancer is still considered by many to be an adult’s disease, but Payson High School’s perspective has completely changed now that our own seventeen-year-old Garrett Gneiting has been fighting a rare liver cancer over the summer. 

Garrett is a cancer survivor, something that cannot be said by many high school students.  Through the surgeries, poking and prodding, and endless waiting, something had to have pulled him through. 

New Faces, New Team, New Age

Mako Watkins

By Mako Watkins

“Full out! Sharper! One more time!” Familiar echoes you hear down the halls during early-morning Drill Team practices. You’ll probably also hear Paysetter President Taelyr Bair, who is pumped up and motivated to start off the school year dancing with her new and old teammates this fall.

The Mansetters

Ciara Talley

By Ciara Talley

If there is one thing that PHS is good at, it’s twerking! Our Mansetters got the crowds up and cheering, at both the pep assembly and the homecoming assembly, while they were shakin’ what their mammas gave them. This bootylicious performance would be one to make Miley Cyrus proud! Oh, too soon?

If you missed the performance you are probably wondering what the Mansetters even are. They are the boy version of the drill team, the Paysetters. 

The Gentleman's Game

Joel Bateman

By Joel Bateman

Payson High’s golf team coached by Ms. Miller has tournaments every Wednesday, where they go to one of the teams home courses to play.  Payson’s home course is Gladstan in Elk Ridge.  “The golf team plays Wednesdays and we will go to state in early October,” Dallin Wiberg said. The Team has done quite well at region placing second.  Our team also had several players who placed well at region Seth Colby placing 6th, Dallin Wiberg Placing 7th, and Corey Burr placing 11th.