December 2013

PHS Honor Society Serves at Food and Care Coalition

By Erika Gee

By Erika Gee

The National Honor Society served at the Food and Care Coalition on December 5th. NHS members helped prepare and serve the food for the homeless. The PHS Trouveres joined the National Honor Society and performed as the food was being served.

While NHS serves those less fortunate all year, Mrs. Benson thinks that it is especially important during the holiday season.


“That’s what the holidays are all about: sharing what we have with others. That’s how we remember the meaning of the season, “said Mrs. Benson.

Girls Basketball: Taking a Shot to Make the Shot

By Emily Garrett

The Girls’ Basketball team has been practicing hard from 3 to 5 every day, and is ready for their first game on November 26 – a home game against Cottonwood. 

                There are technically 16 gals on the team right now, though three of them have been injured recently. Those three couldn’t try out with the rest and will have a separate tryout to see if they’ve made the team.  So we’ll see if Coach Hiatt will let them play.

Can the Lions Ballers Dominate the Hardwood?

By Landon Penrod

The Lions Basketball team is hoping to make the Lion’s Den roar this year.  With the home opener on November 26, the season is almost upon us.  Lead by Coach Dan Lunt and his five seniors, the team has the ability to win the state title.

The Lions have many strengths this year that will help them achieve their goal of becoming state champions.

 “They play hard all the time, share the ball extremely well, and get along together,” Lunt said.

Dark Horse: Carter Figgins

By Maris Mortensen

Sweat, blood, hard work, and determination all make up the definition of an athlete.  Those people on our teams here at Payson High that work their guts out because they love it, not because people are watching. They push themselves because they can, because they want to prove that they are the best.   Every teams has one, or even many here at Payson High School.

PHS Wrestling Pumped for New Season

By Jamie Finch

Payson High is known statewide for our incredibly talented wrestling team.  The question is how far will the wrestlers go this year? Do they have a good chance at taking state?

With thirty-five driven boys on the team there’s already a strong chance for success in region and state.  Will Ford, Hagen Loveless, and Derek Johnson are the team captains this year, and there’s no doubt that they’re pumped and prepared to take some people down. 

Brown & Ringer Make All-State Drill

By Alexis Carter

Dancing is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life.  Our very own Paysetters can testify to that. They wake up early every morning to come in before school then stay after school to work on their routines. Also, during first period every other day they have a class so they can practice more. They eat, sleep and breathe dance.