Administrative Changes at PHS

By Maygan Straight

This past year Payson High School has had the privelidge to have Mr. White as an assistant principal.

Sadly, we have to give him up to our hated rivals, Salem Hills High. They are incredibly lucky to have him, as he has been a great addition to this school. Maybe with Mr. White SHHS can finally be as cool as Payson.

“I’m not excited to leave Payson, but going over to Salem will be a new adventure,” said Mr. White. “I’ll miss interacting with the students and going to all the sporting events. I’ll really miss the color green.”

His place will be taken by former wrestling coach and computer technology teacher: Chris Loveless.

“We will miss Mr. White, but Mr. Loveless is awesome,” said Pricipal Ford. “He’s going to be a great fit for the position.”

Mr. Loveless has given the Payson Wrestling team all of his time and has really made a name for Payson in our region and across the entire state. He works very hard for Payson High and we will all be sad to give him up as a teacher and coach.