Anatomy Students disect pig hearts

By:Taylor Campbell; photos by: Jordan Gernsey
Brian Blake.jpg

On January 31 and February 1, the anatomy classes at Payson High School dissected not frogs, but pig hearts.  As gruesome as it sounds, the class had quite a ride.

The students specifically looked for several things during the activity, namely the left and right atrium, sizes of ventricles, blood vessels, and the heart strings. They also found that like a good sports team, all the parts work together for the best result possible and everyone has a very important job to do.

“Seeing an actual heart is a great experience for these students,” said Mr. Blake, PHS anatomy teacher. “We color pictures and hold discussions, but to open and see a real heart is a much better way to learn about the cardiovascular system.”

Mr. Blakes goal to make this a great experience was realized, according to anatomy student Jordyn Earl.

“It was a great experience,” said Jordyn. “We had been learning about pig hearts for a while so it was interesting to see the different parts of the heart rather than color a cartoon of it.”

Fellow student Tori Steele said that the dissection was more fun and educational than the average class assignment.

“I feel I had a big advantage,” said Tori. “It was easier to remember the parts of the heart after I saw it.”

In short all the students had fun learning and playing with their assignments.

“The best part was just having fun with it,” said Jordyn. “Hands on experience is the best way to learn.”