Are You REDy?

Ben Phillips
(Left to Right) Wesley Terry, Rylan Huff, Hunter Sherrow, Kellis Johnson
Mrs. Heaps' door that earned first place
Eric Aroca sharing his inspiration during the assembly

The purpose of red ribbon week is to promote our status of being drug and violence free. The assembly on November 9 kicked off the start of many activities provided by this promotion. Eric Aroca shared his inspiration, along with humor, while speaking at the Monday assembly. The main topic that he spoke about was learning to be positive and respect yourself.

Drugs can mess up your body, and hinder your cerebral development altogether. They are life changing and extremely addictive, taking away any independance and freedom that you possess. Staying drug free and being positive will strengthen your relationships with friends and family, and ultimately keep you healthy and lively.

Throughout the week, classes were prompted to decorate their classroom doors, promoting how they promise to remain drug free. Many participated, and four of the competing classes were chosen victors. The placements included Mrs.Carter in first place, Mrs.Heaps in second, Mrs.Beck in third, and Mrs.Stanton taking fourth place.