Best Class There Is

Written by: Ryan Craig Pictures by: Annika Spencer
Students hard at work.

Mrs. Liddle has one of the best classes in this school.  Her class has very diverse learners who come from all walks of life.  They have unique challenges that make for a unique learning environment.  No matter their skill level students in Mrs. Liddle’s Special Needs class bring an amazing feeling to the school.

Mrs. Liddle really cares about her students, and her students are well behaved and excited to learn. When Mrs. Liddle is teaching, the students are having fun learning. They are also very smart and vigilant listeners. They also seem to work well together and learn as a unit.

Most of all, every single kid in that class means something to Mrs. Liddle. She really tries to help her students. All of the students and the teachers are kind and very welcoming. This class is very cool and important to the school.


Mrs. Liddle’s class is so important to our school because they bring so much spirit and joy to our school. It is amazing that when they are in class they have fun learning, and not like class is a chore. The best part of this class is that they enjoy school. If we didn’t have them our school would lose something that makes this school #1.