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Blackham Awarded Utah LIA Teacher of the Month

Submitted by kate.searle on Tue, 01/15/2019 - 13:12
By Jennifer Valencia of The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Blackham with her LIA Club
Blackham with her certificate for Utah LIA Teacher of the Month

 Congratulations to Payson High School’s Latio’s in Action (LIA) adviser and math teacher, Mrs. Blackham (formerly known as Ms. Whitbeck), for winning the Utah LIA Teacher of the Month and Payson High’s Spirit of the Lion Award.  

Student Emily Perez-Hueramo says, "Mrs.Blackham is truly the greatest teacher and LIA adviser I have had. She does so many things for us, from making sure we look professional while tutoring to making sure we know we're loved and that we matter. She has made my LIA experience one about growth, change, responsibility, famiLIA, and love, it's something I'll never forget."

Another student, Britney Placito says, "She is an awesome teacher and is always there for her students. She lets everyone's ideas be heard in the classroom."  As a strong member of the Payson High math department she helps students succeed in and outside of the classroom.  

 Her enthusiasm and passion for learning is felt by her students and the teachers that she associates with. She exemplifies the spirit of the lion as she strives to build relationships and rigor within her classroom.  Payson High is very proud of Blackham and her accomplishments.