A BLUE Christmas

By: Ryan Craig
The very sad tree

Is technology hurting or saving you? According to Webmd.com,” seasonal depression is still a mystery to some scientists, but researchers agree that seasonal affective disorder is affected by the amount of light that people see.” Technology has caught up to this horrible seasonal disease. Costco is now selling something called a “Happy Light”. All you do is keep it in your room and look at the special light every morning. Light therapy may only work for some people, but that is only one of many ways you can beat the winter blues.

Technology can really help people get over winter blues, but it might also make it worse for some people. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram only show the fun and cool things going on in people’s lives, and it doesn’t show anything bad. That puts an image of a perfect life in your head, and when that doesn’t happen in your life, it makes you sad. Winter time, especially December, is also a time to be with your family. Sometimes you look on Facebook and you see a picture of a family having a great time. That can really make you depressed because your family might be in a fight.

There are many ways you can make your family more loving during the winter. Ellen Degeneres has made an app called “Heads Up”. Since the weather is cold outside, a lot of families will spend time inside together. If the family has something to do together (instead of fighting) they will be happy with each other. Technology is a great way to keep your family entertained and happy with each other. There are other ways to keep the family happy, like a board game, but what’s cool about Heads Up is that it’s free. By saving you money, that can make you even happier.

The Winter Blues are tough to beat, but technology can help you beat it.