Broadcast Awards

By Talbie Oberg of the Lion's Roar Newspaper

Although you may watch the PHS Pride on an almost daily basis, you might not have considered how much work that broadcasting students are putting in behind the scenes. In fact, these hardworking broadcasting student’s recently took part in a state competition. This broadcasting competition has no divisions, so PHS students compete against some of the biggest schools in the state. The Broadcast Awards night took place just recently, on Thursday, March 22. Needless to say, it was a fairly successful night for broadcasting teacher Mr. Peery and his students!

Mr. Peery was rightfully awarded teacher of the year during the Awards night. “It's a great honor to be acknowledged by my peers and the students in the area that I teach,” he said about the topic, “In my perspective, it really is an award for the whole PHtv program and all of the students that take the classes. If they didn't create the awesome content and represent the school the way that they do, I wouldn't have be awarded.” Several of his students won broadcasting awards and finalist positions as well. Max Bennion was a finalist for both Best Male Anchor and Best Intro. Jose Valle won this years Best Male Anchor award. Last but not least, Logan Bennett won the award for Best Entertainment for his basketball intro video.

When asked about the Awards, Logan said, “I felt pretty good about the Broadcast Awards! It was very nerve-racking to be competing against all these huge 6A Alpine schools that have these $16,000+ cameras. When compared to us we look like nothing. Winning was awesome because I got to show we're not just a nobody school from Nebo School District. Videos are really my passion and I just LOVE being able to capture everyone and events and put my own twist on it to document our lives.” Logan was also a finalist for the PSA and Event Recap categories.

These students, and many other students as well, are the reason behind the great stuff you see everyday on the Pride. “They not only entertain you guys everyday, but they also do a great job at representing the school at a state level. And we can say that we have some of the best students in the state of Utah,” says Mr. Peery. So don’t forget to congratulate both Mr. Peery and the finalist and award winning students next time you see them wandering the halls!