Brown & Ringer Make All-State Drill

By Alexis Carter

Dancing is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life.  Our very own Paysetters can testify to that. They wake up early every morning to come in before school then stay after school to work on their routines. Also, during first period every other day they have a class so they can practice more. They eat, sleep and breathe dance.  

            Dancing takes hard work and dedication, but even more important, passion. When you watch these girls perform you can see their passion and how much they truly love to dance. The Drill team learns many routines, and when they dance it’s not just another dance, they put their whole heart into it. 

These ladies work hard to perfect their routines and become great dancers. The drill team dedicates their lives to dance. They practice all the time and during those practices they are working hard to perfect their routine. There have been times during their dances where there has been trouble with the sound system and the music is scarcely audible or completely stops but these amazing girls dance through it. They stay with the beat and just keep dancing.  This proves that really work hard on each routine to make them precise and perfect.

This hard work really paid off for two of our very talented Paysetters, Becca Brown and Amber Ringer, who made all-state drill. We all know that keeping up on our homework is hard enough as it is, however Becca and Amber both kept up with school while polishing their dance skills.  These two are truly great students and beautiful dancers who have definitely made Payson proud.