Celebrity Guests Visit PHS Be the Change Club

By Jayden Worwood photo by Spencer Durrant

By Jayden Worwood

Thursday September 22, Payson High School  was lucky enough to have guest speakers LaMarque Ward, Pat Pugh  and _ take the stage in our auditorium and speak to a group of students about following their dreams and achieving their goals. The motivational assembly was supported by PHS’s very own Be the Change team.  What the speakers are trying to achieve fits hand in hand with what Be the Change wants to see happen this year at school.

“I really liked what was said about ‘there’s no money in your comfort zone’ because that’s a big focus for us in Be the Change, stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new,” said April Mangum, PHS’s  Be the Change director.

Everybody lucky enough to attend enjoyed what the speakers had to teach, and all left more inspired to follow their dreams. PHS was honored by the visit and definitely hopes for a return visit next year.