Check out Payson High's Season of Giving

By: Briana Ortega

The Christmas season is a time of giving. It is a time to forget about what we want and focus on how to help those around us. The true Spirit of Christmas is found in giving what we have to those in need. Payson High knows this truth well, which is why Payson High’s Student Council and Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) have stepped up to raise money for families in need. All the money collected, every last penny, will go toward giving Christmas to families of students who attend Payson High, or families in the community. Student Council and PTSA put in their very best efforts to raise money.

The Student Council sponsored Penny Wars to raise money. Penny Wars was a competition between the grade levels to see who could bring in the most points. Positive points were awarded by bringing in either pennies or dollar bills. Points were taken away when someone from another class put silver coins in another class’s jar.   Penny Wars was a way to allow Payson High students to help out their fellow peers.  

Josie Nelson, Senior Class President, said, “Penny Wars is a great way to give back to the community in a fun way.”

Payson High students get to have fun while helping each other out. The Student Council began Penny Wars with a great kick off assembly. The Student Council set up games and got participants from the different classes. Whichever class won got 1000 points, which they could either keep for themselves or subtract from another class. The games got quite intense. By the end of the assembly, the juniors dominated which put them in the lead. Then the war began. The classes put up quite a fight to win, so that they would be crowned as the Penny Wars champions.

In the end, it didn’t matter which class won, as long as the money is collected. The Student Council hopes to raise $2,015. Josie explained that once the money is collected, the Student Council will go and purchase gifts for the families in need. It is done very anonymously. Not even the Student Council knows where the gifts are going, but they are happy to give them.

Karanda Heimuli, Senior Representative and a PTSA member, said, “All the money goes back into the school. We never know who the money goes to, but it goes to students from [our] school.”

The PTSA sponsored the Trees for Charity Auction to help out students from our school. PTSA asks all the clubs and organizations from the school to donate a decorated Christmas tree to auction off on November 25 during half time at a basketball game.

Leann Wood, a member of the PTA, said, “This year we have had the most trees [with] the most value.”

There were 10 trees donated by PHS clubs and organizations, such as HOSA, Key Club, Girls Basketball Team, FCCLA, Student Council, FFA, PTSA, Choir, DECA, and Latinos in Action. The trees were beautifully done.

The trees sold for a total of $875. The FCCLA tree, which was decorated by Brittney Nielson, brought in the most money. The “Frozen” themed tree raised $275. Each tree raised a significant amount of money, which will really benefit the families in need.

Karanda said, “It’s amazing how we can get the whole school to come together and make these gorgeous trees that anyone would be lucky to take home. Each tree as so much heart and time put into it, and that is what the Christmas spirit is all about.”

Student Council’s Penny Wars and PTSA’s Tree Auction will definitely bless those who are in need. The money raised will help give Christmas to those who need it now more than ever. Student Council and PTSA understood that the real meaning of Christmas is giving.

However, Student Council and PTSA couldn’t have accomplished the wonderful feat alone. It was all of Payson High that banded together that gave Christmas to those in need. A big thanks to you, Payson High students, for giving of yourself so that someone else could have a wonderful Christmas. Christmas is a time of giving and you gave. Thank you.