Chromebooks are top highlight from 2016

Julissa Duenas, The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Chromebooks are piled high, ready to be handed out to every student.

The year of 2016 is the year that all students attending Payson High School have the opportunity to have a Chromebook to take home. "This is such an awesome opportunity for our students," Mrs. Searle says. She continues, "Students can explore and learn like never before. For many students this opens doors that have been shut in the past. I will be telling my students' grandkids about this one day."

The Chromebooks come with very little cost to the students. There is a $30 insurance fee that is not required; however if a Chromebook is damaged and no insurance is acquired, the student will have to pay a much larger wage than $30. When asked, students say they like the design, the convenience, and the accessibility of having their very own Chromebooks. Doing homework has become easier for the students who have access to the internet at home, enhancing the options of when and where they’re able to do homework. For students without the web, it seems as though places that offer free wifi such as the Payson City Library, Sip’n, etc., have become much more of a frequent visiting spot.

   Getting homework done has never been easier, but many students find it irritating that so many things remain blocked on the Chromebooks. Although, when interviewed, one student mentioned that all the blocked items; at least for her, are just another challenge that she feels must be completed before she can continue studying. In her opinion, the blocks are just distracting her before she can get her homework done, “I just really want to listen to my music!” she explained.  

There have been some pretty brutal updates on how many things have remained blocked, but it’s all in good thought. After all, these Chromebooks are meant to help us study and prepare for school. The interviewed seniors agree that these Chromebooks would be nicer if we could do the word documents that are required when taking Mrs. Bridge's college writing class. The interviewees agreed that having everything in one place and having access to it all not only on the Chromebooks but any time that one logs into a Google account on any computer is still better than nothing.