Classroom Spotlight: What the "Hill" are you doing?

Sabryne Kelly

Mr. Hill has been known to be very colorful in his language, but how does he teach? Is he really a good teacher? What the Hill really does happen in that classroom? Mr. Hill teaches, Health Science, Anatomy, Physiology, and Sports Medicine. Anybody who's had these classes will tell you that Mr. Hill yells a lot, however they also will tell you he is one of their favorite teachers. Why? Besides being an ex-green beret, Mr. Hill makes sure to keep his students happy by staying lively himself.


In his classroom, he makes sure that you’re always with the lesson whether it’s calling you out or making jokes. Everyday there’s something new to tell about Mr. Hill’s teaching ways, his techniques, and ways of giving out knowledge.  He’s always engaging, he makes you want to learn about his topics. He makes teenagers want to learn about his topics, he makes it so that they’re interesting and fun. He goes out of his way to make sure that everybody not only does well but enjoys his class, and above all, he cares about his students.


He constantly wants everybody to feel welcome and happy when they’re in his class. He also tries to get involved with parents; if there’s something wrong he wants to fix it fast and the right way. Mr Hill is also known to be straightforward with his students, telling them out front if they’re not doing what they’re suppose to be doing. He’s different, not only in the way that he teaches, but also the way that he handles the kids in his class. He helps the quiet, loud, and middle kids (nobody is left out). Mr. Hill is also always available; he makes it so that if you work and can only be at the school at this time, he’ll be there and help you as much as he can. Mr. Hill is one of the most favored teacher at PHS, and maybe now you know why. If you haven't taken his class he's an amazing teacher, so make sure that you take one before you graduate!