Come Follow that Star

Ben Phillips, The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Come Follow that Star will be Dec. 16 at 7pm

The choir at Payson High has been practicing Christmas songs for a while to prepare for their annual Christmas concert. Year after year, the participants put on a show for all to hear. This year will be like no other, with new voices and experienced singers unified to enhance the experience.

Carolers have been an ongoing tradition for years, choir is basically a cooler version of caroling. Instead of standing out in the cold awkwardly smiling at singing visitors, you get to come to our warm school to do so!

There will be a mixture of both serious and fun Christmas songs, but all will be performed professionally and serenely. The feeling of Christmas spirit and glorious sound will be abundant at this years performance.

Along with this concert, the advanced choir (The Trouveres) will be performing at select locations, proceeding and prior to this event. One of their traditions is to sing at Temple Square, and this year will be no different.

The concert “Come Follow That Star” will be held on Friday, December 16, at 7pm. Bring your friends, family, and anyone else with or without ears to a magical, artistic display of beautiful music!