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Congratulations to our 2019-20 Student Council!

Submitted by katie.kelly on Wed, 04/17/2019 - 10:54
Ryan Lines

This years current senior Student Council members all share one common thought about finding new members for the Council. They all share pride for their fellow leaders in the school. The process of running for Student Council is extremely intense! The first step to running is to make sure you are Student Council material. You need a good looking track record. This includes spotless grades and attendance marks. You also need to have good relationships with your teachers and other workers at the school. The second step is showing you can be involved. You must show that you can support the school at sporting events, fundraisers, concerts, and other various events. The rest of the running process involves getting your name out to the rest of the school and showing you can be a leader.

 Here is your 2019-20 Student Council:

 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS: Hannah Eddington as next years SBO President, Amy Blake as VP of Assemblies, Ethan Gowans is the newest VP of Events, Paige Andreason is the newest SBO Secretary, Marlee Hoffman is the new SBO Historian/ Media Rep, Reed Slack is entering the Council as SBO Tech, while Gracie West is the newest SBO Artist,

 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Kya Heimuli is the new Sr Class President, Braxton Hall is Sr Class VP, Sydney Jensen as Sr Class Secretary, and Madison Drake enters the council as the new Sr Class Rep, Sr Class Spirit is James Rowley.

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: The newest Junior Class President is Josh Raff, Junior Class VP is Alyssa Gowans, Junior Class Secretary is Hailey Pitcher, Spencer Bennett is the Junior Class REP, and Jack Larsen as Junior Class Spirit, as well as Riley Warnick who is also a Junior Class Spirit.

SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Karen Rowley is the newest Sophomore Class President, Courtlyn Rowley is the Sophomore Class VP, Audrey Peterson is the Sophomore Class Secretary, Jaxyn Ovard is the new Sophomore Rep, Paige Earl and Maya Sorenson are both Sophomore Class Spirits.