Fail and give hugs to be happy

By: Rebecca Apgood

The Red Ribbon Assembly was definitely one for the books, it was something that most students were able to connect with in one way or another. Collin Kartchner spoke to the student body about the negative effects of social media and how we can fix it. Kartchner gave an amazing presentation, he had everyone laughing and wanting to know what he would say next.

Towards the end, he gave everyone a challenge which was to fail at something and share it, have eight hugs a day for eight seconds, do something amazing and don’t share it, have more authenticity, cut out the bullying and unfollow the people who don’t make you happy. 

Kartchner was asked what we could do as a school to promote more authenticity and he said, “I think that the students at Payson High School need to come together and come up with ideas and events that promote mediocrity and promote not being great at stuff. Like a mediocre talent night, just something to promote that we don’t have to be amazingly perfect like the world, our parents, and society want us to be, It’s okay to struggle.” There are so many things that we have in common but we don’t know them because they may be something that we aren’t the best at or that we fail at completely and we don’t want others to know about our failures.

Another question for Kartchner was about advice he would have for introverts, when most of the time social media is their only way of reaching out.  He responded that “Social media can be used for a lot of great stuff. I’m very pro-social media when it’s used for real connections, and used to uplift and inspire. If you’re using it and it’s adding benefit to your life then keep going.”

There are a lot of ways that social media can be used for bad, but if we use it for good then there are even more ways that it can benefit our lives and help us connect with others. Accept Kartchner's challenge and help everyone here at Payson High School come to know that they are perfect just the way they are.