Gaming and You!

Article and Photos by Seth Hilton
Two Gamers

Do you play games a lot? Do you love playing them? If you said yes to any of these questions then you are a gamer! Some people think gaming is bad, and they are right when it comes to some things, but that’s only if you mistreat gaming. “Wait, what do you mean by mistreat?”  Well I mean you play them when you shouldn’t be playing them instead of working on your job or schoolwork. But you can still play them when you are all done. Now I know you are going to say. “But everyone knows that!” But the things is: no one does, so get it under control.

Now let's talk about all the GOOD things gaming does. For starters it makes people develop coordination and on-the-spot thinking. Most games throw challenges at the player, making them react instantly along with minimap placements and distance. Other sets of games teach you to make moral choices, ways to make a strategy or a plan, and how to pay attention to detail.

Did I mention that gaming can grow sibling relationships? Now I would like to tell you about some games that help prove my point. The first game I would like to tell you about is Human: Fall Flat. In this game you and a friend can play together, either online or on the couch, and you must either complete different goals. This game is on many different platforms, whether it be computer or console. Another game I would like to tell you about is called Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. In this split screen game you and a friend can control a ship to fight various monsters and get back to the other ship.


These are just some examples of some great games. There are more of these games out there, you just have to go looking for them!