Girls Tennis Team

Sarah Chestnut

“Decide, commit, succeed” is the motto of this year’s girls tennis team.  This year they have succeeded including wins over Springville and Uintah.  Coach Karen Thomas has been very optimistic about this year’s tennis team saying, “It’s probably the best the high school has seen in about 8 years.”  The team captains are Senior Camille Staheli and Junior Brittny Snow.  On the varsity team are 3 singles players: Camille Staheli, Julie Thomas, and Brittny Snow.  Playing doubles are Mariel Pullan and Jennica Trevort; and Celeste Angel and Shaunese Jensen.  When compared to other sports, tennis if often seen as whimpy, but Camille Staheli admits, “My sophomore year I was terrible at tennis, and now I’m the team captain, but it has taken A LOT of practice.”  Keep up the good work tennis team!