Gowans honored with the Spirit of the Lion award

Spirit of the Lion winner, Julie Gowans

The administration of Payson High have chosen Julie Gowans for the Spirit of the Lion award. After talking to students, teachers, and her children several common themes surfaced. Number one being: Gowans loves her students and children and is dedicated and committed to doing whatever it takes to help them succeed.  Her dedication equates to a lot of time supporting student council activities and her psychology students.

Gowans loves to paint, play games (her favorite being Five Crowns and Spot it), and to go on cruises. A colleague, Janean Thomas, says that Gowans loves to garden and that her backyard is full amazing flowers. She has tons of energy, dresses super sharp, and has a great personality with students and adults.

Her children’s first response when asked to describe their mother was “beautiful”! They continued to describe her as funny, loving, unconditional, easy to talk to, inspiring and the best mom ever. Her colleagues talk about her great personality, she being a sharp dresser, a great teller of funny stories and jokes, plus her amazing laugh.  

Students describe Gowans as smart, detail oriented, caring, and honestly the best listener. Student Council members feel as their advisor she lets them have a voice and really hears what they are saying. She helps them feel important and gives the best advice. She teaches them important leadership skills, is fun and always ready to make a joke, but she is also ready to get work done. She makes everyone she comes in contact with a better person.