Hashtag of the Week

Ben Phillips
2015-2016 Hashtag of the Year

The 2015-2016 hashtag of the year is “#LionsOnFire”. This is a way for the people of Payson High to share our greatest achievements and moments. You asked, and we have answered your pleas. Once you have witnessed something amazing, or just feel like letting the people know how you feel, you can enter your message into any social media with the hashtag “#LionsOnFire” and have a chance for your voice to be heard. Let everyone know your stance on math being a form of torture or why lunch should count as an art credit, the possibilities are endless!

The best hashtags of the week will be featured in our very own Lion’s Roar newspaper. All that we ask of you is to keep your language and opinions clean. You can make a difference that could change our school for the better! Whether you got an “A” on your Biology quiz, or the he/she you’ve been crushing on asked you out, we want to know! This will encourage students and teachers to attend more activities, or maybe excite them a little more to learn. 

A hashtag is like a horrible yearbook picture, it never goes away! People of all ages will look back on it and say “Gee, that really influenced me to become a better person”. Even if your hashtag isn’t worthy enough to make it to the pages, your words will touch the hearts of many on social media. So go out there and influence your peers, and stay in touch with the people of Payson!