Hashtags of the Week

#LionsOnFire was voted as Hashtag of the Year for students to share the amazing things they are accomplishing.  This first week we are featuring posts from Annika and Daisha.  Congrats on winning Hashtags of the Week!

Slowly students are beginning to use #LionsOnFire but has anyone noticed another hashtag gaining momentum?  If you search Facebook, Instragram, or Twitter for #LionsLearning you'll see that the teachers at Payson High have got a hashtag all their own.  Teachers have been encouraged to share the amazing things happening inside their classrooms.  There are awesome things happening and they want students and the community to know about it.  

Over the past two weeks you'll see teachers have posted about their trip to the Utah State Fair, College Tour Day, ASL music videos, pictures from Homecoming Week, inside Gowan's Psychology class, Accounting class fun, new weight room equipment, and a behind the scenes look at Video Production classes.  

So whether you search for #LionsOnFire or #LionsLearning you are bound to find amazing students doing and learning amazing things.  Post, tweet, and Insta away.