Homecoming Week

Brooke Barnett

We had a very successful homecoming week here at Payson High School. For this year's week, we had a Harry Potter theme. This theme was tied into all the activities very well.

Monday, September 14th, we kicked off the week with a Harry Potter Movie night. The school got together at 7:00 to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Mckenna Charles said that, “There were a lot of people who came, and enjoyed the movie night because it went so well with the theme.” On Tuesday, there was a lunchtime activity of magical chairs. Wednesday was college day for all the seniors. The colleges toured were BYU, UVU, Westminster, and The U of U. It was a great opportunity for many of the students and went very well. Back at school, the Plan ACT test was being taken by the sophomore class.

Thursday was a very busy day for homecoming week. We had the senior sunrise, light parade, and pep assembly. Mckenna Charles, Senior Class President, gave a great speech where she tied past years themes into one, and pumped everyone up for this coming year. That night we also had the light parade. Mckenna said, “We started at the pool and ended in the main gym of the high school. The community got really involved, and many people were watching the parade. Lots of clubs joined this year, and we had a very good turnout.” We then had a pep assembly where the Homecoming Royalty was announced. For the seniors, Emily Petty and Cody Pace. Juniors, Buck Fraizer and Madi Bing. For sophomores, Macy McClellan and Alexis Fuentis. Friday morning was the homecoming assembly, and Friday night was the homecoming game.

The homecoming dance was on Saturday night. Lauren Butler said, “It was way fun, and there were a lot of people. The dance looked really pretty, fit the theme, and there was glitter everywhere!” Over all, the dance was great, as well as this year's homecoming week! Everyone who put efforts into the dance, and activities during the week did amazing!