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HOSA Field Trip to Mountain View Hospital

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 11/18/2013 - 09:13
By Jamie Finch

            The HOSA club recently toured the Payson hospital with the objective to learn about all the occupations available in the facility.  The members were able to see firsthand the everyday environment at the hospital to know what goes on. 

Dallin Johnson, a HOSA member, shares his favorite experience of the trip. 

            “Although the tour was full of interesting answers to questions I had, my favorite part was riding in the helicopter.  The experience was super cool, and I’m glad to say I’ve had the opportunity to ride in a helicopter now,” said Dallin. 

            In addition to the helicopter ride, the HOSA members were allowed to tour the operating rooms and learn what each doctor specifically does.   All questions were answered by doctors who have had experience. 

Zeb Evans thoroughly enjoyed the tour, but he also had a favorite part to share. 

            “The tour was definitely worth going to.  I learned about jobs I’ve never heard before.  There were some graphic pictures shown to me, and they were great! This was probably my favorite part.” 


            The HOSA team was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the hospital.  They are now better prepared as the future doctors of America.