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I Now Pronounce PHS Student Council 2013-2014

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 05/17/2013 - 12:31
By Braden Clark

The only time where high school students can act like politicians and bribe students with food, yes that is correct, student council elections.  Throughout the entire months of March and April sophomores and juniors made posters and passed out candy to receive votes from their fellow classmates, in hopes that they could become the new student council.  Also a little advice to future seniors, I usually mooched off these treats and I saved a lot of money during that time, anyway I digress.

Actually the first members of the new student council were nominated early in March and their voting took place down at the junior high.  Five members were selected to the sophomore class: Hallie Neves, as sophomore class president, Bailey Carter as vice president, McKenna Charles as secretary, and Zach Gowans and Parker Nettleton as representatives.

With the future sophomores taken care of, let’s shift our attention to the new junior class officers.  A total of six sophomores ran for these positions, but unfortunately only four could be selected.  Josie Nelson was selected as junior class president, Hunter Davis as vice president, CJ Nelson as secretary, and Jenna Wright as representative.

Senior class elections then followed and a total of 16 ran, and 10 were selected by Mrs. Brotherson and Mrs. Gowans.  After spring break each of the new members were introduced to their new positions. The new Student Body President (makes her the third girl SBO president in Payson High School history) Calli Jensen, Jordan Bailey VP of public relations, Mckay Savage VP of Assemblies, Paige Deuel as VP of Events, Cierra Peterson as Historian and McKinley McMullin as Secretary.  The senior class officers, keep in mind that these people you will know for the rest of your life seniors, are Ali Apgood as senior class president, Jake Makin as vice president, Blake Gneiting as secretary, and Jessica Staheli as representative.

So there it is the new Payson High School student council members.  Next year students will be making Payson High School history as all the class presidents will be represented by the female gender.  There you have it folks, are you excited for next year?  Do you believe that these chosen few will lead your next year to stardom?  Anyway it looks to be an exciting year for incoming seniors, juniors and sophomores.