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Inside Adobe with the PHS Digital Media Class

Submitted by kate.searle on Fri, 12/11/2015 - 11:20
Kyle Garner

On November 23, 2015 students in Mrs. Searle’s Digital Media class went on an adventure to Adobe in Lehi. Adobe not only helps businesses by providing design software but also does helps them analysis their business with what people are looking for when they visit their website. For example, when you visit their website and you’re using an iPhone and look at something Adobe Analytics can see that you used an iPhone to looked at the website and Adobe helps to make your experience better while on the website. Adobe does this worldwide with many of companies and businesses and is currently ranked number one in providing analystic for businesses.

The building is an 280,000 square-foot building designed to meet the needs of the computer software monster. It’s also the third largest Adobe facility in the United States, it’s hard to miss when passing by on the freeway. If you think the outside is awesome check out the inside, it includes a full employee cafe, full-size indoor basketball court, a PC gaming room called The Dungeon, a rock climbing wall, an exercise facility, including a room for yoga/ spinning/ Zumba classes, a massage room, and full locker room for facilities. A communal area with ping pong tables, a pool table, and amazing art. There’s also a huge mural that was spray painted by a graffiti artist. Alex Juarez, a student at PHS, said, “What I liked the most about Adobe was how you can work and if you're all caught up, you can go play basketball, go workout, and etc... Also, I liked how they use their server's heat to produce heat for the building as well! It's amazing how well that all works out! It's so innovative! I'd love to work for them one day.”

The students in Digital Media were amazed to be going through and having an opurtunity to see the awesome things that Adobe does, and gaining a better understanding of what goes on at Adobe.