Inside the Huddle: Homecoming Game

Story by Brayden Clark. Photo by Janessa Reynoso.

By Brayden Clark

          There is no better way to calm the nerves before a football game than dancing to “The Boot Scoot an’ Boogey.”  After the fun in the locker room it was time to get serious as the coaches entered the room.   

         Next came the Pre-game speech from Coach Corbett.

“This is a statement game guys, it is time to make a statement show that Payson is a force to be reckon with in 3A, leave no doubt on that field that we will dominate for 48 minutes!  If there is a theme for this game, it will be no doubt let’s go prove something tonight boys!

Full of energy we started to run out of the locker room, then from the back of the locker room we heard “We still have 5 minutes, get back here!” from Head Coach Jeremy Chapman.

When the time finally came, we stormed the field ready for victory for our game against Union High School. 

Like every game we did our “Lion Jacks” after hooting and hollering; it then was time for kickoff.  Fireworks and green and silver balloons filled the sky, as the Lions received the kickoff and senior RB Mitch Brown nearly broke free for a big gain on the kickoff. 

The Lions didn’t waste any time, QB Devan Judd connecting on two quick passes for a TD, Clint Bateman with his fifth touchdown of the season.  The ball was given to Union and the Lion defense stopped the Cougars on the 50.  After Devan Judd did his best impersonation of Michael Vick, Judd scrambled for 25 yards. Judd connected with one of his favorite targets, senior Creighton Thompson.  Thompson juked his defender and ran free to the end zone for a 25 yard touchdown, putting Thompson season total to six.

As the first quarter ended the Lion’s weren’t taking their foot off the pedal.  Judd finished off the first half to his two favorite targets, Bateman and Thompson, adding to their season touchdown totals, Bateman with six and Thompson with seven.

In the second half the Lion offense focused more on the run game with sophomore Kyle Moffat and senior Mitch Brown.  In the fourth quarter Moffat ran the ball into the end zone sealing the victory for the Lions.

In the locker room the team was excited about their performance, but disappointed because we knew we could have done better. 

“It is still a victory, and we moved one step closer to our goals.  Now we need to re-focus and let’s go beat North Sanpete next Friday.”

Lions beat the Union Cougars 33-13, improving their record to 2-3.  The Lions take on the North Sanpete Hawks on September 23.