January Online Magazine is ready to view!

It’s January, the holidays are over, the Christmas tree is down...hopefully, we’re back in school, and to top it all off it’s freezing outside. But don’t let those January blues get you down, because we have a new edition of The Mane Street Journal! 
This month in the magazine we have advice and tips on making and keeping new year's resolutions, driving safely in the snow, Payson High School's new head football coach, advise on how to recover from procrastination, tech talk about chromebooks, and great places to go and grab a bite to eat. Who doesn’t like food? All of us here at The Mane Street Journal hope you enjoy this edition of the magazine, and remember that everything is fully student produced. Good luck on making it through January!
Zak Gowans, Chief EditorSee this month's edition here: http://pub.lucidpress.com/PHSJAN2016/