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January Students of the Month

Submitted by katie.kelly on Thu, 01/30/2020 - 08:23
Our January Students of the Month. (Not pictured: Alejandro de la Torre)

Congratulations to our January Students of the Month!

Spencer Zabriskie, Alexis Nackos, Alejandro De La Torre, Victoria Chavez, Curtis Young, and Jazmine Salgado. Read more about these amazing students below.



 Spencer Zabriskie

Spencer lives in Payson and is the son of Jodi and Roo Zabriskie. His hobbies include Pipe Band, Choir, Piano, Debate, anything outdoors, and sports. His favorite Teacher is Mrs. Ralph because she is always so helpful and loves teaching. His favorite class is speech and debate because it is so much fun, and challenging at the same time. His future goals are to join the Navy Special Forces, go on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and go to BYU or the Naval Academy. His favorite quote is “Do or do not, there is no try!” One random fact about Spencer is that he loves classical music. He is musical. His advice to other students is “Always does your best, no matter what happens.”

Alexis Nackos

Alexis lives in Payson and is the daughter of Jed and Destiny Hansen. Her hobbies include being on the swim team and art. She likes all of her teachers because they all want to teach her. She likes swimming, art, and ASL because they are fun and not stressful. She wants to travel the world and become an “Imagineer” (an engineer for Disney). Her favorite quote is “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” She likes llamas and cats. How she describes herself in one word is “Fantabulous”. Her advice for other students is, “Be friends with everyone and don’t overload yourself with classes. Also, have snacks and everyone will be your friend.”

Alejandro De la Torre

Alejandro lives in Payson. He is the son of Alfonso De la Torre and Monica. His hobbies include playing video games, watching The Office Pewdiepie. His favorite teacher is Mr. Kennedy because he is fun, nice and helps him during class. His favorite class is Computer Science because he likes projects and working on computers. His future goals are to go to college and study game development. In one word, he describes himself as shy. The advice he gives to other students is “Don’t get behind in class and go to class every day.''

Victoria Chavez

Victoria Lives in Payson and is the daughter of Deana and Benito Chavez. Her hobbies include art and video games. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Christensen. Her favorite class is Psychology because she finds it so interesting to learn about. Her future goals are wanting to be a psychologist or psychiatrist because it’s interesting. Her favorite quote is, “We all have thousands of bad drawings in us.” One random fact about her is that she likes Transformers. In one word she describes herself as creative. If she could advise other students, it would be, “Don’t try to change who you are to try to fit in with a group, real friends will like you who you are.”

Curtis Young

Curtis lives in Santaquin and is the son of Travis and Crystal. His hobbies include drawing and wrestling. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Carlson because she is always willing to help him with projects. His favorite class is Woodshop because he gets to go and create something that looks professional. His future goals are to get a job that he enjoys. He describes himself in one word as friendly. If he could give any advice to other students, it would be, “Try learning something new you might enjoy.”  

Jazmine Salgado

Jazmine lives in Payson and is the daughter of Yvonne Salgado and Roberto Arroyo. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, painting, drawing, and Latinos in Action. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Noll and Mr. Young. She likes them because they’re always there for her, they motivate her to do good and to keep going. They’re awesome teachers. Her favorite class is Portugues. She likes it because it’s fun learning new languages. Another favorite class would be painting because it’s fun and it relaxes her. Her future goals are becoming a dental assistant or a dermatologist. Her favorite quote is. “Be good to people for no reason.” One random fact about herself is that she has 10 piercings. She describes herself as adventurous. Her advice to other students is “Be kind to one another, have fun and make smart choices.”