Lady Lions Tennis “Serving” up a great Season

Article by Bryce Clyde. Photos by Daniela Garcia

By Bryce Clyde               

                The Lady Lions Tennis Team is amazing. They are currently 3rd place in region, and very close to taking 2nd.  They are still going strong as they climb over the middle of the season. 

                With the recent switch to 3A, the Lady Lions feel that because Tennis is a “Money Sport,” the playing field has been leveled a bit more, and are now playing against opponents more even to their abilities and skill level.

“It’s an entirely different game, it’s like we’re playing against opponents who use shovels and pitchforks!” Jennica Tervort the 2nd Varsity Singles player said.

                “I’m so impressed by their attitude and improvement.  They are so willing and so hard working.  It is a true pleasure to be their coach.” Karen Thomas, the head Tennis coach stated about her team. 

                According to different players, and even Coach Thomas, there has been NO DRAMA this year on the team, or at least very little drama which is basically none for girls.

                Our own players, Hilary Frampton and Brittny Snow, are undefeated and expected to finish #1 as individuals this season. They are great players!

                “Don’t give up, if you really want it and work out, you can do it.” Brittny Snow said to aspiring tennis players.

                So if you get the chance, be sure to cheer between points and support our Lady Lions Tennis team!