Life Hacks

Kyle Lott, The Lion's Roar Newspaper


Here are three life hacks to make your life better:

  1. Something we have all most likely encountered while doing homework unsupervised is getting off track. Thankfully someone came up with a way to help us get around that. is a unique website that you can use to help keep you away from certain websites while studying or doing other important things.

  2. Whether you’re writing an essay for your history class or a love letter to your secret crush, one of the best ways to find a problem in your writing is to hear it, Google Translate can help you out there. Once you’ve typed out whatever you’re writing you can copy and paste it into Google Translate and have it read out loud to you. This way you can close your eyes and more intently listen for mistakes

  3. Getting up and ready in the morning for work or school can be a real pain, but music can help us in this situation. In this tech savvy world most if not all of us sleep with our phones next to us and check them as soon as we wake up. Instead of checking Facebook and Instagram why not put on a playlist of your favorite music to listen to as you get ready? If you time the music right you can make the playlist the exact time it takes you to get ready and get out the door, this way you will know if you are running late.