Lions of the Week

Rebecca Apgood, Orrin Hapairai, and Seth Hilton
Wyatt Hone, Lion of the Week, March 1st
Casandra John, Lion of the Week, March 1st

Two students were selected to be "Lions of the Week" on Friday, March 1st. The students chosen were Casandra John and Wyatt Hone. Both were chosen for excellence in the fields they pursue. The "Lions of the Week" were announced during a broadcast of The Pride, with Principal RaShel Shepherd as the presenter. 

The first student selected was Wyatt Hone, who represented our school's wrestling team. Shepherd commented, "Wyatt's been a three time state placer, and has won second place twice. He's also a multi-sport athlete. He plays baseball, and he's amazing at academics."

After presenting Hone, Shepherd move on to Casandra John, who represented choir and choir council. "She's the alto section leader and she's great at giving feedback. She's always loyal and kind, and more concerned about the group than herself. She's a really strong leader."

Congratulations to our Lions of the Week!