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Math Bearable?

Submitted by kate.searle on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 16:32
By Annika Spencer
Mrs. Stanton (right)

Math is a subject that most of us dread. We moan, groan, and complain that we are probably never going to use this at all in our lives. Ms. Stanton is one of the five math teachers here at PHS. She teaches math two honors and math three, so sophomores and juniors. With the recent math grant, Ms. Stanton is able to provide calculators to her class that stay in the classroom. When you walk into her classroom you can see all sorts of posters and sayings hanging on the wall. You can easily walk into the room and know by the labelings on the drawers where to find a certain item. Ms. Staton has plastic bins by her desk with the words grade, return, and prepare so that at any point she knows where her assignments are located. Alex Mecham, said about the class, “It is enjoyable, upbeat, and fun.” I had Ms. Stanton last year and she was one of a few of my math teachers that I could actually understand. She is truly an amazing teacher.