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Mrs. Julie Gowans awarded the Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by katie.kelly on Wed, 05/08/2019 - 13:17
Evyn Staheli

Julie Gowans has taught at Payson High for 13 years, changing several students lives along the way. She has a passion for education and transfers that passion to her students with every lesson. She has a quote in her classroom that reads “I create the future, I teach” which is a great representation of her attitude as a teacher.

Julie Gowans believes in her students by encouraging them to reach their potential. No matter how different a student’s position in life or the cards they’ve been dealt, Julie finds a way to sympathize. She understands the balance between life and school and motivates students to do well in both. In her classes she teaches not only psychology, but valuable life lessons that students will remember far past graduation.

Julie Gowans has a great personality which allows her to get along phenomenally with both faculty and students alike. As a thoughtful, funny, and witty person Julie is a great example of how to enjoy life. Among faculty she is well-liked and among students she is well-respected. Julie can always find the silver lining to any situation, which makes her a great leader and always encourages positive goals.

Julie Gowans deserves the Crystal Apple Award for her dedication and positivity towards her students. We applaud her on her service to Payson High and the lives she’s changed as a teacher and as a fellow faculty member.