Mrs. Noll's Portuguese class gets a spirited surprise

By: Alfonso De La Torre of The Lion's Roar Newspaper
Julie Gowans & Sarah Noll pictured by Kevin Mecham.

Sarah Noll’s B1 Portuguese class received a pleasant surprise when Dr. Shepherd, Mr. Mecham and Mrs. Gowans walked into her classroom on Wednesday November 7th. As soon as Mrs. Noll saw the award that Gowans had in her arms, she knew what was coming.

Mrs. Noll was supposed to have received the Spirit of the Lion award one day before during a faculty meeting, yet Noll was absent because of training.

One of Noll’s B1 Portuguese students, Viviana Lopez commented, “Mrs. Noll is  a great teacher and all of us love her. She takes time out of her day to ask how we are doing to some don’t see much of it, but it makes other people’s day. That a teacher cares about them. They should give out the spirit of the lion award during class because it’s special for us to see one of our favorite teachers getting  recognized for the hard work they have done. Teachers work hard for our education, so it’s important that they receive as much recognition as they’re giving to us.”

Julie Gowans, who gave her the award, declared, “When I asked some of my students which teacher they felt deserved the Spirit of the Lion Award so many of them mentioned Sarah Noll. As they talked about her they mentioned several things that made her so deserving of this award.” Some of the things that students felt made her deserve her award were: Noll’s willingness to help, her comedic energy and the genuine concern that she has for all students.

Some of Noll’s coworkers also commented on the efforts that she puts forth to help the Payson High School community. Señor Peck, who has a classroom right next to her said, “Sarah is an amazing teacher. She is fun, energetic, creative, and organized. She has helped me be a little more organized as we have worked together to establish our 'big rocks' for Spanish 1 and has helped me implement new technology in my classroom.” Additionally, Hunter Holt describes Noll as “a great friend” and “one of the most genuine people [he] has ever met.”


Mrs. Noll exhibits the spirit of a true lion, truly love, helps and acknowledges all students and faculty members of Payson High. This is why she won the award for faculty that’s given out once a month.