New teachers at Payson High School

Article By: Sabryne Kelly
Mrs. Krewson in her natural habitat, photo by Michelle Rushton

This year Payson High School has been blessed with the opportunity to have a ton of new faculty members and teachers who are excited, not only to be Lions, but to teach something to the students of Payson High! Last year PHS had some teachers that decided to write their life story somewhere else by retiring.  On a more positive note, this year Payson High will be gaining ten new teachers! (and other faculty members). One in the math sector, two in the science sector, two in the english sector, two in the History sector, and one in Resource. All of them are a great addition to the Payson High School family, and who are all here to help, guide, and inspire our learning.

Mrs. Krewson (Math)

“I have always loved learning and education. I love being challenged, overcoming it, and growing from it.” Mrs. Krewson is happily married, she doesn’t have any kids yet, but she loves her husband very deeply. “ I am reminded of a Harry Potter quote, "The wand chooses the wizard, Harry." I didn't choose to be a math teacher, math teaching chose me.” her hobbies as you can guess are quoting Harry Potter, cooking, traveling trying new things, and watching movies/TV shows with her adorable husband! She originally wanted to be an Elementary teacher but ended up switching to high school math teacher.