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The Newspaper class throws a party for their teacher, Mrs. Searle, who is expecting twins

Submitted by katie.kelly on Tue, 01/22/2019 - 10:22
Alfonso De La Torre

Mrs. Searle, who teaches Digital Media and instructs Payson’s DECA club, is expecting twins in February, so the Lion’s Roar Newspaper threw her a blue themed baby shower on Jan. 17. The team wanted to make sure they partied with her before Searle left. Students in the party planning committee wanted to give her a proper party, since she’s not coming back for a while after she has her twin boys. Searle said to her B3 Digital Media and Newspaper classes, “I will probably come back when they’re in kindergarten...I love this teaching stuff.” Mrs. Kelly, an intern teacher who has started to take over Searle’s classes said, “I am really excited for Searle to have twin boys and I hope that I can do half as good of a job as she has done.” Ryan Lines, one of the Editors said, “We love parties in Newspaper, we party all the time. I’ve known Mrs. Searle for two years and it’s the last couple weeks of seeing her, so it's nice to know that we sent her off with good feelings and stuff. We want to be supportive with her children and everything, we just love her so much.” Blue M&M chocolate chip cookies, Mtn. Dew Voltage, Sprite, and ringed cupcakes were only a part of the party. All of the students contributed to buy Mrs. Searle a gift card, something that she said was useful because “we will need about 500 diapers a month.”