Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

Hayden McDowell
Front view of the Christmas tree.
It's all about the detail, my friends.
The amazing ladies who decorated the tree!
Vickie Davis: Main Secretary
Minon Tallon: Attendance Secretary
Diana Steele
Austin Bailey

Payson High got in on the Holiday spirit by displaying this gorgeous tree! This time of year, it is nice to see joy and peace through symbols such as a tree, a wreath, candy canes, etc. On top of the busy schedules that our secretaries have, they were able to spend time making the tree look presentable, classy, and glamorous. Vickie Davis, Minon Tallon and Diana Steele spent time working on this masterpiece, and for that, we should recognize their hard work. Payson High has never looked better. A special thanks to our amazing secretarial staff, and all others, who participated in the decorating of this Christmas tree.