Orchestra and Band Place at Region

Jacob Johnson

On March 23 Payson’s Orchestra went to Region Festival, held at Salem Hill High School. They got two 1- awards at the festival.  A 1- is the second highest score that an orchestra can receive.  They were the smallest group at the festival, yet they challenged the biggest and best orchestras in the region with their quality of sound and tone getting 2nd in region. “It was funny that we had such a little group, while others had tons of people,” said PHS cellist Adam Anderson. On the list of attendees Payson was referred to as the Payson 20 because they’re less than 20 members of the orchestra.  “We did really well, and it was a fun thing to be a part of,” said PHS first violinist Audrey Miller.  Overall all the members of the Orchestra agree they did great.

Payson’s Concert band also went to their Region Festival,they got two 2+ awards, a 2+ means excellent.  Band region was held at Spanish Fork High School. They also got 2nd in the region for concert band. “I was very impressed with the students and how well they did during rehearsals and the festival,” said the orchestra/band teacher Mr. Collins.