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Our Educational Journey

Submitted by kate.searle on Tue, 05/16/2017 - 11:28
By Ben Phillips of the Lions Roar Newspaper

This school year has nearly come to an abrupt end. We have all grown up together, and we have all had many memorable experiences that have shaped us into who we are today.

Some particular students have decided to share some memories of their educational journey. Everyone has had a different escapade at least once during their school career.

Shaylee Jensen (senior) said, “In 3rd grade I was the perfect student, but I had this beast of a teacher that absolutely hated me. One time I talked out of turn and had to pull a card (meaning I had to change my green card to red which meant you were a ‘bad kid’) so I had to stay in from recess and after crying about it, I got super mad. So I changed everyone else’s cards to red and ate all of the tootsie rolls from the teacher’s top drawer and rearranged all of the desks. Then I hid in the bathroom until school was over.”

When asked about a school experience, Sophie Barreda (sophomore) replied, “One time in elementary school we went to the pool and (I don’t know how but) my Dora underwear fell out of my backpack and the next day our teacher pulled all the girls aside and asked us whose it was. I was dead silent for like a minute, and then I raised my hand.”

Leah Crow said something she remembered about elementary school was, “When you still had to give everyone in your class candy, even if you didn’t like them.”

Kyle Lott (senior) had a 5th grade experience involving, “Our teacher telling us that of all her 25 years of teaching, we were her worst class and that we were dumber than a box of rocks.”

Again, everyone has different recollections from past school years. Despite having individual experiences, there are certain things that we can all relate to with a nostalgic feel.

Some trigger words may include (but are not limited to) “breakfast pizza”, “hot cross buns”, “colorful rug”, “multiplication chart”, “cursive”, “Tamagotchi”, “wall-ball”, and “criss-cross applesauce”.

Elementary school has taught us to try new things, get out of our comfort zones, have fun and be ourselves, and introduce us to a small amount of independance.

School may seem endless and daunting, but because of it, we can achieve great things. For the seniors, this is our new beginning. The juniors and sophomores will get to experience school for a little longer, but it goes by very fast. Make the most of your High School experience, and get ready to take on life at full speed.