Our Future

By: Ryan Craig

The Class of 2018 came in to this school together and now they’re getting ready to leave together. There’s only one more month left of this school year, and it’s nerve wracking to think about. The future is starting and some students are taking it like a champ. During College application week over 80% of students filled out an application to go to college. That number usually drops a little by the end of the year, but over 80% of the Seniors at one point decided they want to further their education.

This is what students have been working towards this year for a long time. According to Mrs. Mangum, the students on track to graduate  is well over 90%. The class of 2018 is taking their education very seriously and that’s why practically everyone is going to graduate. This is an amazing achievement, and we need to take pride in it.


When asked what excites you most about this graduating class, Mrs. Mangum said,”I think that this graduating class has such a big variety. There's so many students that are thriving in whatever they’re choosing to do.” We are the mighty, creative, and ready achieve anything lions. We have been preparing for our futures for a long time, and it’s finally here. So, here’s to us and our future. The class of 2018 is the future.