Paysetter Night!

Article & pictures by: Alfonso De La Torre

Payson High Schools drill team danced the night away along with many other young dancers from around the Payson area. The night began with a presentation of the 2017-2018 Paysetters and their companions. Following their presentation, the girls of the night performed their Epic Hip Hop. Paysetters smiled through their Camp Dance. After Camp Dance, some of the other studios; Limelight, Step In Time, Steps PAC, Cindy’s Dance, and The Ridge Dance Academy took over the floor and also flooded the audience with “oohs” and “awws.” 

Almost halfway through the program, the Drill Team synchronized Military Portrayal prepared the audience for their sparkling Paysetter Dance, for which the girls were dressed up in white and lime green shine. Following the five dances that were after the Paysetter’s dance, the two seniors of the team, April Nettleton and Aubrey Schmidt,danced away together and ended the dance with a sentimental embrace and cheers from the crowd. After the Seniors’ glows, the Steps PAC shimmied along to Juicy Wiggle and after them, Centennial Dance performed: “Greatest Show,” a choreographed excitement for all the spectators. 

The drill team’s last dance of the night was a Basketball themed Character. Following that, all alumni were called to the dance floor, where they got together and tried to merge themselves into the instructions that were being called out.  One after another, the dancers moved away from the dance floor until only a few of all the participants were left on the floor. 

All in all, Paysetter night dancers took the audience’s breath away while they danced their hearts out.